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  • Warranty | Hyundai Philippines


    Gusto mo ng pang-matagalan.


    Unlimited Peace of Mind

    Say goodbye to the 100,000-kilometer warranty cap, and say hello to more adventures with your Hyundai. Now, you can drive without hesitation and never lose your security—no matter how far you go.

    Unlimited Customer Satisfaction

    With a 99% rating on warranty claims and approval, you are assured of the top-notch Hyundai brand of service from our 40 authorized dealers nationwide.


    We only use genuine Hyundai Parts and Accessories to give you the best motoring experience.


    Unlimited Fun

    As your lifetime partner, we, at Hyundai, are always glad to see you enjoy with your vehicle. Break the limits and drive more with your loved ones through this new warranty program.


    Make way for more of life’s surprises. Visit any of our authorized Hyundai dealerships to know about the 5-year Unlimited Mileage Warranty program today.